Curved Projection Screen

AGRONN’s fixed-base full cabin systems with curved screen are available in a design format that allows assembly on site. READY-TO-ASSEMBLY.

For AGRONN’s full cabin systems with curved projection screen, a high quality laser cut metal is applied to the frame that is specially manufacture to ensure that the complete system has the best quality level. 180° and cylindrical shape of the standard seamless screens are available for multi-channel projection screens.Any degree and shape of the screens are available on a custom-made order.

 Curved Projection Screen
  • Fixed base simulation device applications 
  • For visualization applications 
  • For multi-channel simulation displays 
  • Gives a sense of immersion 
  • All simulation devices are in a controlled area.


  • COLOR: white
  • MATERIAL: seamless polyester fabric, both sides lacquered.
  • WEIGHT: 1050g/m2
  • ANGLE: 180° or 210°
  • BRIGHTNESS: 1 gain
  • INSTALLATION: special application
  • DIMENSIONS: Height 2150mm
  • Length 10050mm


  • SYSTEM: ready-to-assembly on site.
  • FRAMEWORK: laser cut metal construction.
  • FINISHING: powder coated black or galvanized.
  • FASTENING: m8 hex head flange bolt + rivet nut.
  • FIXING: optional ceiling + floor fixing (self-standing unit).
  • DIMENSIONS Height 2400mm / 3000mm
  • Width 5980mm
  • Depth 3700mm
  • Thickness 150mm


  • CEILING: tension fabric
  • OUTER WALL: panel cladding 
  • FRONT WALL: demontable partition + service door
  • PROJECTOR BOX: x3 pcs. adjustable projector hangers + ventilation

Excellent for:

  • TRAINING SIMULATORS [Flight, Driving, Military]

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