SimPit Titan 6K

TITAN 6K provides long awaited technology and a new standard for flight simulation devices. 

State-of-the-art acceleration cueing system and visual system compatible with most modern simulation platforms such as DCS World, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D®, FSX and so on. The system can be further enhanced with advanced Instruction station, real-time weather, synthetic ATC, flight data and video recording, custom flight models and custom high fidelity terrain. Titan 6K offers the best, safest and most accurate VFR training environment.


TITAN is a new standard in the modern simulation. During flight training, the goal is not just to teach the student how to start and shut down the airplane. The goal is to teach the student how to fly, navigate, how to avoid dangerous situations, and one of the most difficult tasks during training is to teach the student to get the feel for what the airplane is doing and to teach the student to think like a pilot. TITAN 6K provides the most realistic simulation environment to achieve these goals. If you want to show people what it is like to fly or be in a certain situation, this is it. Students can train weather avoidance, mountain flying and flight in adverse conditions without getting in a harms way.

With the add-on Instructor's Station, the instructors have available data output of aircraft and flight telemetry, real time 3D flight path on google earth with major events, pilots point of view camera, flight and data recording and replay, direct weather and failures control, and precision in-flight re-positioning with pre-sets for approaches and take-offs. Instructors also have excellent tools for briefing and debriefing (any of the data recorded can be used for briefings and for debriefing purposes).

Training capabilities range from ab initio training to advanced flight training and cooperative training.

Besides flight training the simulator can be also reconfigured for tactical and driving training, boat, crane simulation or any application where the wide field of view is required for successful training.

Simulators can be also be connected together for joint training.


p197vb87t1kghsh1ed5ch1elj1fformation flying, dogfights, full-scale combat, racing cars, F1, NASCAR - the possibilities are virtually unlimited.

  • A simplified interface that allows users to experience flight without the need for an attendant.
  • Easy Flight Simulator X operation using a joystick; the keyboard and mouse are not required.
  • Flights that automatically end after the preset time (or when mission goals are satisfied), preventing users from monopolizing the kiosk while others wait.
  • The ability to create a custom background image featuring your organization’s logo.
  • The ability to create custom kiosk flights and missions (Mission Creation Tool required).
  • Multiplayer capability (sim to sim and sim to PC)


Specifications, Dimensions, and footprint:

Visual System:

  • 6 Projector system
  • 270º /90º Rear projection visual surround system
  • 270 degrees  horizontal field of view
  • 90 degrees  vertical field of view 


  • 6x BenQ 1080ST+ Full HD Projectors.

Motion System:

  • 1x 3DoF Motion platform with seat (4 pistons high-speed system, 3DoF, +/-1G)
  • 1x Thrustmaster Warthog controls attachments (throttle, stick)
  • 1x Rudder pedal rest.
  • 1x Thrustmaster Warthog with joystick extension
  • 1x Rudder Pedals
  • 1x Helicopter collective (optional)


  • 1x PC
  • 1x Speakers
  • 1x Headset
  • 1x Track IR
  • 1x Keyboard and mouse


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SimPit Titan 6K useful for:

  • Aviation and Space Museums.
  • Aviation Theme Parks. 
  • indoor and outdoor Theme Parks.
  • Family Entertainment Centers. 
  • Kids Schools.
  • Attraction events.
  • Exhibitions.
  • Private and Aviation Enthusiasts

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