Kids Flight Simulator - Compact Model

The Kids Flight Simulator - Compact Model or fuselage model is designed to give to the young kids (ages from 5 to 12 years old) the experience of a simulated flight, the device is designed by real pilots and aircraft engineers, the goal is to provide an aeronautic learning experience to the kids, in order to achieve this, the device is customized according to the customer requirements, this customization includes audible multi-language instructions the visual system database can be configured or designed according to specific requirements, the device materials are heavy duty, the construction is always thinking on the kids usage.

The Kids Flight Simulator - Compact Model designed to fit into narrow body airplane fuselages and in locations where Flight Simulators area narrow or limited, we call this mini or the compact flight simulator model and the recommended site requirements for the compact model as L x W x H is 116 x 178 x 175 Cm.

Kids Flight Simulator - Compact Model (Mini or Fuselage) Model

We customize the simulation software into three difficulty levels, you can choose between “Easy, Medium or Expert” according to the user flight skills, this device can be easily used by adults as well.
With customers around the world, including kids parks, aviation thematic parks, and private users our devices are the perfect solution for an enjoyable flight simulation experience. 


The flight simulator default cockpit is based on a generic EFIS modern aircraft with side sticks controls Airbus type twin engines Ex: A320, A321, however the cockpit model, panels, and thematic schemes can be changed according to the client needs, this model can fit a column (Boeing type) for an extra fee Ex: 737, 747, 787 cockpit types.

This device is designed to have a low operational and maintenance cost, most of our clients use them on heavy-use environment operating daily around 10 to 12 hours, our contract includes an extensive operational and maintenance training, this will assure that the device will have the correct maintenance and operational procedures in order to prolong the life cycle, the warranty of our devices are: 24 months on structures and controls, 18 months on electronics and 12 months on not specific items, (conditions apply). 

Flight Missions and instructions  

We customize flight missions with audible instructions in “any language” can be designed according to the flight activities that you want to perform on the device, this flight missions can have a difficulty level from easy to expert, this will allow a captain and co-pilot interaction, making the simulation a realistic and enjoyable experience, an ATC (air-traffic control) environment is simulated and flight instructions and directions during flight session as well.



TAXI TO RUNWAY Up to 5 minutes
TAKE OFF Up to 5 minutes

We can adapt the times and activities to your needs, any airport, any city, any weather can be customized. Each simulator has a remote control panel with this an adult can easily manage the simulation and flight missions.

Flight Controls

The flight controls chosen for this flight simulator are qualified for massive use and rugged construction.

Kids Flight Simulator - Airbus Style

Visual System 

LED high tech Displays, the device includes a high-resolution visual system, Three 28 inches HD LED displays to provide a great flight experience, the visual system database can be customizable according to the customer requirements, for example if you want to fly at your local airport or above your city we make it happen, also we provide a visual aids system so the kids can follow it and never they will never get lost.

High-fidelity visuals accurately representing airports, weather and terrain.

Note: FSCOCKPIT SOLUTIONS closely fabricate Boeing 737, Airbus A320 flight simulator for entertainment porpuses but is not, and should not be referred to as one. This simulator is not endorsed by either Boeing or Airbus. and they are trade marks of the Boeing and Airbus companies.

Useful For

  • Aviation and Space Museums.
  • Aviation Theme Parks. 
  • indoor and outdoor Theme Parks.
  • Family Entertainment Centers.
  • Kids Schools.
  • Attraction events.
  • Exhibitions.
  • Arcade Centers.
  • Educational Entertainment Parks Ex: KidZania ® - KidzMondo ®

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