SimPit 270 Centurion

Fancy a flight at home? Are you more into gaming? Enjoy the ultimate experience in our 270° semi-professional panoramic simulators offer!

Advantages over traditional displays:

  • Realistic 270° panoramic view – look left over the wing or even slightly backwards and see runway in when on downwind in your traffic pattern!

  • Enjoy a flight simulation experience even if you’re not a licensed pilot.

  • Immersion Extraordinaire!

  • If you’re an Aero Glass user, use our glasses with the simulator for practice & fun!

  • play a large number of 3D games in total immersion.            

Great to use with popular flight simulations and games, such as:

  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3d.

  • X-Plane by Laminar Research

  • Digital Combat Simulator series

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X

  • Assetto Corsa car racing simulator.

  • Project Cars car racing simulator.

  • The wonderful space game Elite Dangerious.

Kit includes: 

  • SimPit Icarus 270 Avenger aluminum frame.

  • Black Pearl screen

  • SimPit Warp USB key to wark the projector images to the cylindrical canvas

  • integrated cylindrical desk to put your controls on

  • Aero Glass marker board to integrate with an Aero Glass system (sold separately)

  • Three short throw HD projectors (BenQ 1085ST+ or Acer Z650)

  • Pre-calibration files: The simulator frame is manufactured so as to ensure the proper positioning of the projectors. The largest part of the calibration of the projectors – which, ultimately, is responsible for the correct displaying of content – is performed by a software provided by us. (Please note, that minor fine-tuning might still be necessary on your part.)

Necessary and recommended parts not included in the package:

  • High-end graphics PC with a strong graphics card and two video outputs

  • Hontrollers (joystick, throttle, pedals), e.g. Thrusmaster HOTAS Warthog.

  • Heat, e.g. Playseat Air Force.

Note: this system requires assembly on the users part.




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SimPit 270 Centurion useful for:

  • Public Entertainment.

  • Give the kids chance to fly..

  • Give the kids chance to act as a pilot..

SimPit 270 Centurion


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