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FSCockpit Solutions was formed in 2008. It was established by a team of professionals who have been involved in flight simulations. Ever since its inception, FSCockpit Solutions has earned respect and admiration of numerous flight schools. Our team of professionals has taken their experience and their hobby to a whole new level by starting a business which promises to deliver turnkey flight simulators by making it possible to promote certified training devices in the market.

In essence, our Company is being managed by real pilots who have considerable experience in flight training. Combining aviation management and pilot experience with a broad knowledge of the entire aviation industry, our team is fully cognizant of making sure that it understands the full requirements of the airline companies, the pilot training schools and the rating organizations in terms of the flight training devices (FTDs) and the flight simulators.

Fixed Simulators

Training for specific aircrafts had always been supervised on full flight simulators (FFS) which are rather expensive to maintain. But, as per latest research, it is now understood that you do not require motion in simulation tasks for various training requirements on specific aircrafts. The technology which covered motion platform till now is being questioned on account of motion cueing which is unrealistic and can affect the training in a negative way.

We believe that simulators with a fixed base are quite well suited for all kinds of multi-pilot MOFT and LOFT training. By the help of the latest technological developments, these simulators with fixed base can be compared to the full flight simulators and that too, at just a fraction of the expense involved. The aircraft flight training sector is finally coming to terms with this fact. The latest research has indicated that motion platform is now available as just another option for all flight simulators.

Aviation Safety 

We also believe that the only way to improve aviation safety is to bring about an improvement in the flight training quality. Today, aircrafts have become so technologically developed that accidents are rarely due to any technical concerns. Manual dexterity connected with human interference has probably become the weakest link, even though it still remains an important part of aviation safety. Better training is the only way to increase aviation safety considerably in both normal and special operations.


Low Costs

Commercial aviation has always been under tremendous pressure when it comes to cost evaluation. Provision of better training involves higher costs.  Minimum legal training is one option but it scratches only the bare surface at a minimum level. When organizations are facing the pressure of being cost effective, additional training above the legal minimum requirements is often the first thing to be compromised. By reducing the acquisition costs and also that of the operations, the aircraft operators can inversely increase the flight training possibilities to their pilots.

Best training tools

Our training devices and tools have been designed by expert flight instructors to offer the optimum experience in flight training. The philosophy behind the designs of the simulator as well as the Instructor Operating Station (IOS) is inclined towards being user-friendly and easy to operate, enabling the crew and their instructors to get the best out of each session of training.

The training devices that we offer also improve the high level aircraft flight deck training in a vast range of organizations which could not afford generic training aids and tools in the past. These devices are a great medium for preparing the pilots for flying operations while increasing the quality of their training.


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We're proud to say that we are an authorized dealer for every brand we carry.

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